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Performing Arts Center of The Woodlands

Teaching children the art of stage performance.

Photo Gallery

2015 2015 Bevy of Ballerinas Gliding and soaring together! 202440251 Hula Babies I'm going to THAT luau! 202440252 Japanese Pointe Six little maids are we! 202440253 Little Cossack Tappers They'll warm the cockles of your heart! 202440254 Bavarian Ballerinas These girls are so light on their feet they could dance on the Danube! 202966881 Emerald Isle Girls Aye...little lassies! 202966882 Blame It On Rio Samba can, and samba can't. We can. 202966884 Jungle Fever Did you know they hip hop on the dark continent? 202966885 Back In Old Paree Yes we can can! 202966886 Dancing Scottish Gals We all taking the high road! 202966887 Pointe Ballerina Suitable for a music box. 202966888 Why choose dance? Okay, the costume had something to do with it. 202966889 Kabuki Ballet Is this how they do it in Japan? 202966890 Kabuki Ballet I think I'm turning Japanese! 202966891 Siblings Love will keep us together! 202966892 Time Travelers Hard work and good grades took them on a journey through time! 202966893 Indian Princess Bound for Bollywood! 202966894 Three Little Spies Some might say that they stole the show! 202966895 Welcome To New York These little cabby girls caused a traffic jam! 202966896 Greek Dance Even some of our moms joined in! 202966897